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Where: performance, recording projects, television, film.

What:   viola, piano, choral, guitar, e guitar, percussion, electronics. 


Credits: C4, BBC, ITV, History Channel.

Library: NZ, Oz, UK, US, Germany, France, Canada, Denmark. 

Faultlines: Iran                  (ITV) 

Mother Country               (Channel 4)

Search for Eternal Egypt (History Channel)

The War Tapes                  (US & Germany

                                            cinema release,

                                            BBC tv

                                           - Oscar longlisted)


Middle East - A Musical Journey (Standard Music/Bucks Music) production music library collection - has featured on: 

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown

Missing Years Of Jesus

Globe Cooker

Deep Time History

Fox Sport

Platinum Weddings

CNN Special Investigations Unit


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